Mysterious Gates in Saudi Arabia

Discovery of Thousands of years old 'Gates'

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  • Mysterious Gates in Saudi Arabia


Recently, scientists see ancient 400 mysterious stone structured Gates or Walls built in Saudi Arabia.

Saudia Mystery Gates

Australia’s archaeological architect David Kennedy pulls over 6,000 photos by helicopter with flying over the construction.

Kennedy has written in the ‘Live Science’ episode that the number of these constructions and their spread is earlier than ever before, and it is spread over millions of all islanders.

According to experts, it is the oldest construction made of human hands in Saudi Arabia, but for what purpose they were built, it could not be clear today.

The walls of stone located in Harat Khabar in Saudi Arabia are being called Gates because they look like the gates when they are seen from above.

For the first time, the Saudi government has given access to an outstanding archaeologist. David Kennedy wrote that local Buddhists call them ‘ancient man’s work’. These construction estimates have been estimated nine thousand years ago nine thousand years ago.

The height of these ‘gates’ is too large, and the least of them is 43 feet, while the largest is 1699 feet wide.

It is an idea that the ancient inhabitants used to use these gates for trapping to hunt.

Kennedy says that apart from ‘Gates’ there are also plenty of magnets that are rocked in stone, which remind the city of Sangi in 400 km north of Patra in Jordan.

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