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SOP have announced border lengths ...

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Survey of Pakistan is a National Surveying and Mapping Organization of the country. It is primarily responsible for all types of topographical land surveys of cis-frontier areas of the entire country. The core products that include map sheets on scale 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 are prepared to meet the requirements of the Defence Forces of Pakistan as well as the General Public.

The department is actively participating in the national development projects and thus fulfilling the ever growing surveying and mapping demands of various government / semi-government and autonomous bodies.

Over the years, the department has gradually switched over to digital production line by adopting modern surveying and mapping techniques, methods and equipment. Resultant, the department is now capable of delivering quality products and services more efficiently and effectively.

Recently on 10th Jan 2018, SOP have announced the international border length with neighboring countries and coastal line, below is the image from their publication (Download PDF File).

As per shared stats we can illustrate length figures as below:

Additionally they have mentioned that some companies/NGOs are publishing map of Pakistan without showing Jammu & Kashmir which is incorrect. Download and use correct map of Pakistan from their website.Download Map

Functions of SOP

The following are core functions of Survey of Pakistan.

  1. To survey, print and publish topographical maps of cis-frontier terrain of Pakistan on scale 1:50,000 and derived maps on scales 1:250,000 and 1:1,000,000 for general public use and the defence forces of Pakistan.
  2. To establish and maintain geodetic network in the entire country.
  3. To delineate and demarcate international borders of Pakistan.
  4. To carry out cantonment surveys and others surveys on any desired scale which government / semi government/ autonomous bodies may demand.
  5. In addition to above maps preparation of other derived products like Provincial, District, Tehsil maps, Guide maps, Street Maps. A ~ Z Maps and Atlases of desired information for national development projects and general public.

SOP is working under Ministry of Defense and doing a great job by creating stuff for awareness about Pakistan’s territory.

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