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Intestinal Parasites in Kids

Home Remedial Tips for Intestinal Worms

It’s quite common that children often gets infected by the insects in the stomach, this generally happens as kids usually takes unhealthy stuff in their mouth i-e sand and the stomach infections mainly occurs due to this habit.

Children suffering from intestinal parasites results in the vomiting, pain in stomach/ abdomen. These problems can be solved with a few easy home remedies.

Pumpkin Seed

One of the best home remedy is to grind the pudding seeds and mix it well in any beverage or fresh juice and give to children regularly.

Klonji (Nigella Sativa)




Put a tea spoon of Klonji in a glass of water and boil it, make it come to normal temperature and then filter the seeds and give to children before going to bed.

Pomegranate Skin

An easy-to-use remedy for getting rid of pesticide in the intestines is pomegranate. Dry these barks and grind them and put approximately 3 grams of powder in a large glass of water, this remedy is also very useful in the pain of various diseases or throat in addition to the stomach insects.


Daily eat dates in the early morning, in few days the pesticides in the intestine (stomach insects) will be gone, in addition to this it also helps in maintaining the health.


Grind some ginger barks well and eat, you can also mix it with salad, use this every alternate day and the stomach worms will end in a few days.

Mint Leaf (Pudina)

Juice of mint leaf is the easiest and cheapest prescription for the abdominal insects, which has no implicit effects, and is really beneficial.


For the children who face of having pesticide in stomach, they should be feed with two sub pieces of walnut before sleeping, after that don’t give anything to drink or eat the child’s stomach’s insects will end.


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